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You have the resources

Do you have a junior to mid level openings that you need to fill quickly and want to maintain credibility with candidates and control over the submission and recruiting process? This is one of our most popular and recommended service offerings​

What cpg talent management can offer

WE are executive recruiters that DETERMINE NOT ONLY THE JOB REQUIREMENTS,




it’s about more than today’s success

Do you have a critical need for a senior level executive with a high level of expertise? As your exclusive retained search partner, we prioritize and dedicate our time, full resources and industry expertise to work directly for you and your company​.

call for a consultation: 312-766-1960 
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To find the right person for the job, CPG Talent Management draws upon in-depth consultations to determine not only the job requirements, but to gain a broader perspective of your organization. That understanding lets us locate candidates who not only meet or exceed job requirements, but represent a good cultural fit. When you consider the time and money you save through lasting employment, it quickly becomes clear that CPG Talent Management represents a solid return on investment.

It all starts with one call 

Careers Build Companies

our team understands success

Do you have a critical, temporary project-oriented staffing need to fill quickly? We offer contract staffing services with consultants billed on an hourly contract basis.(1099 or W2 Contractors)​